Sick pay total at Angus Council

Working days lost due to sickness at Angus Council in the three months leading up to last Christmas cost the county’s local authority almost £1 million.

And it has been revealed that the biggest single reason for absence was stress related illness.

In a report that went before the council’s Scrutiny and Audit Committee on Tuesday it was revealed that in the third quarter of the financial year, October to December 2013, the direct cost of employees’ sickness absence - i.e. the cost of sick pay - was £998,082.

In his report Ken Ritchie, Service Manager (Human Resources) said the figure comprised payments of statutory sick pay at £171,151 and occupational sick pay at £826,931. He said the cost of direct sick pay was 3.25 per cent of total salary costs.

“In the third quarter October to December 2013, the top five reasons for sickness absence were stress related, stomach issues, back problems, lower limb problems and colds and flu,” said Mr Ritchie.

In a break down of the figures Mr Ritchie showed that the number of working days lost during the time totalled 13,264. Of that number 11,053 absences were of local government employees and 2211 were teachers. He said this further broke down into an average of 2.63 days per local government employee and 1.14 days per teacher.

The report further showed that stress related illness accounted for 25.21 percent of absence, stomach ailments 12.86 per cent, back problems 6.80 per cent, lower limb issues 5.86 per cent and colds and flu 5.58 per cent.

“Overall there was a slight reduction in absence levels during this quarter compared with the corresponding quarter in 2012/13,” He added this was the third successive quarter of improved performance.