SNP stance on how the council is administered

ANGUS Council’s SNP opposition leader Helen Oswald has said that her political colleagues won’t be jumping into jobs that should be taken by members as part of their remit as the ruling administration (writes Steven Rae).

Helen Oswald was responding to comments made by opposition councillor and education convener, Peter Neild, who reminded the opposition leader of a comment made almost four years ago in the council chamber.

The comment was made then by the opposition party that they “wouldn’t co-operate with the administration”

Mr Neild said: “This seems to be political dogma coming before the needs of local communities and I wonder if the present SNP opposition are sticking to this policy?”

However, opposition leader Mrs Oswald, hit back claiming: “The word co-operate - I don’t like the negative context of that.

“We still have a position where we feel the administration should be taking up all the convenerships and vice-convenerships.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t co-operate within the committees, and I think the licensing board is a good example of that, where most of the input of the licensing board actually comes form the SNP, who have the knowledge base and experience to do that.

“But there is leadership from within the committee.”

“I don’t believe non-co-operation is our policy.

“Within our group we have a policy of not taking positions that rightly belong to administration.

“That’s a bit like the Tories offering the Labour a position in the cabinet.

“They wouldn’t do that and nor would Labour want it. We’re not in a coalition with them, we’re not in administration with them and, in my view, it’s right that they have all these administration roles.

“That doesn’t meant that, within the committee, we don’t co-operate with them because we do. We do co-operate and certainly on licensing. There is absolutely no political influence there whatsoever.

“There is not a member of my group who would not do the very best for the area that they represent.

“We do co-operate, we just don’t want to take their jobs off them.

“ They wanted the administration and they’ve got the administration. With that comes these responsibilities to lead the committees.”