Solution in the pipeline for dangerous wall in Edzell?

The ongoing saga of a dangerous wall in Edzell may soon come to a conclusion.

The wall at Gassy Brae has been the focus of debate for around 30 years, with local people worried about their safety due to its poor condition.

In February 2011 Angus Council served a dangerous buildings notice on the solicitors of the individual who they think the wall belonged to asking the owner to removal of all tree, bushes and vegetation that are growing onto the wall as well as the barbed wire that is built into the wall, leaving in a safe and secure condition. They had until March 28 of that year to commence work, however no remedial work was carried out.

Now, another year on, Inveresk Community Council chairman Duncan Smedley has revealed that there may be a “glimmer of hope on the horizon” that a solution may soon be found.

“After trying several departments in Angus Council I have at last got an answer from the building standards manager who has put a dangerous buildings notice on the owner.

“That expired on March 3 and he had gone down and seen that nothing had been done so he has now go out to get quotes to get the work done,” explained Duncan.

“I imagine it will be the minimum not the maximum that needs done to find a solution.

“Angus Council has agreed that something needs to be done and will they will act as the owner has not done anything.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We re-served a dangerous buildings notice on those we believe to own the wall.

“The time period of the notice has now passed and we are in the process of obtaining estimates for carrying out the minimum work to remove the danger.

“We will attempt to recover any costs incurred by the council from the owner(s), and expect this matter to be resolved in the near future.”