‘Souper Sunday’ raises £200

Brechin Cathedral’s ‘Souper Sunday’, held in aid of The Church of Scotland’s HIV/Aids project, has raised £200.61.

The service, which was conducted by pupils and the rector of Brechin High School, was well presented and thought provoking as the problem with Aids still persists as there is no cure - although with treatment and a healthy diet the illness can be contained.

Irene Gillies from the Cathedral said: “People have to be educated in prevention but if the disease has developed how it is important the person maintains the treatment, which at this moment in time is for life. Support is needed not only for the patient but also the relatives due to the stigma which still exists.

“A lovely lunch of soup and sweets followed the service providing a wonderful chance for us older people to meet the youngsters from the school.

“Their parents must have been very proud of them as we were to share that time with them.

“We would like to say thank you to the young people, Mr Dempsey and all those who helped prepare the lunch.”