Speed cushions for Duke Street?

CONSIDERATION is being given to traffic calming measures in Duke Street, Brechin.

At the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday) a report was going before Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee members - with the recommendation that speed cushions could be implemented.

A parking survey at Duke Street on different dates between August 5, 2011 and August 23, 2011 showed that the majority of vehicles parked on the east side of the carriageway.

The director of infrastructure services Eric Lowson, in his report to committee, explained the reasoning behind the recommendations of speed cushions.

“Nine school buses take pupils into a turning area within the High School.

“Passenger comfort on buses removes the options of road humps as a physical measure and, given the parking demand in Duke Street, further eliminates a number of options such as chicanes, pinch points gate etc.

“The only viable option to reduce the speed of vehicles whilst catering for parking is speed cushions which, due to the width of Duke Street, will require sets of three speed cushions across the carriageway.”

The estimated cost of the 12 cushions required and associated signage is £15,000.

It has been recommended that the committee agrees that the head of roads carries out a public consultation about the recommended speed cushions and reports back to the committee with the results of these consultations.