Spray booth chimney go-ahead?

PLANS to create an extraction chimney to serve a spray booth at a car body repair ship in Brechin look set to get the green light.

At the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday), Angus development standards committee members were meeting to discuss a proposal for Unit 12 at the Brechin Industrial Estate.

The applicant, Mr M. Ingram, is seeking full planning approval for the formation of the chimney at the unit in Montrose Road, Brechin.

The application site is located within an existing industrial estate and with a row of similar small industrial units adjacent to the south east boundary.

The building is currently used as a car body repair workshop. The existing building is 5.5 metres in height.

The proposed extraction chimney for the spray booth would be 3.5 metres and located towards the southern edge of the building.

Due to the pitched roof on the existing building the proposed chimney will only extend approximately 2.5 metres above the ridge when viewed from the north elevation.

Members of the committee have been informed that there are no objections to the proposal by the heads of economic development, environmental and consumer protection and roads, while Scottish Water was also consulted and has offered no objections.

The proposal went before committee with a recommendation of approval by Angus director of infrastructure services Eric Lowson, who states in his report that the proposed development complies with development plan policy.

“The current proposals are for the erection of an extraction chimney only and therefore the use of the building remains the same.

“I do not consider that there will be any significant negative impact on residential amenity or on the general amenity of the area as a result of this proposal.

“The application site is located within an existing allocated employment area and the application site is surrounded by other employment uses.

“In relation to odour the site the head of EDECP has reviewed the plans has no objections.

“In terms of visual impact the proposed extraction chimney is 3.5 metres in height and will extend above the existing roof line.

“However, given the location of the existing unit within the industrial site and the fact the proposal will be seen in the context of existing employment uses of a similar nature and other larger buildings/ structures, I do not consider that this proposal would look out of place in this context.

“In conclusion, the proposed development complies with development plan policy. There are no material considerations that justify refusal of the application.”