SSPCA seeking new homes for abandoned rabbits

Lilly the rabbit
Lilly the rabbit

Scottish SPCA has urged people to think before buying a rabbit as a pet, after the number of rabbits being given up by Scottish owners has increased.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is highlighting the plight of the common pet with its annual Rabbit Awareness Week, which runs from July 15, to July 21.

The SSPCA is keen to encourage existing and would-be owners in Angus, to consider taking on a rescue rabbit.

Lesley Clark, manager of the charity’s Angus, Tayside and Fife Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre at Petterden, Dundee, said: “There are lots of loving rabbit owners who treat their pets like one of the family and give them all the care and attention they need. But sadly this isn’t true in all cases.

“Rabbits are highly intelligent, sociable and can make fantastic family pets, though we strongly advise parents that they and not their children need to take responsibility for their welfare. We’d be delighted to welcome potential owners along to our rescue centres to meet the rabbits we have waiting for a fresh start in life and loving new homes.”

SSPCA’s Angus, Tayside and Fife Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. For more visit