St. Drostan’s annual pilgrimage

Members of the friends of St. Drostan's pause by the Cross Stone.
Members of the friends of St. Drostan's pause by the Cross Stone.

St Drostan’s Episcopal Church, Tarfside, have remembered and commemorated St. Drostan, something they do each July.

Drostan was a Celtic monk who lived around 600 AD and came to evangelise north east Scotland with St. Columba.

When Columba returned to Iona, he left Drostan in charge of the mission and of the monastery at Deer.

After a number of years as abbot, Drostan felt a call to being a hermit and moved to Glenesk where he preached, prayed and healed people.

“This year we held a short pilgrimage.,” explained one of the group.

“First we went to the Cross Stone near the hill of Rowan. This stone, with a cross carved into it, is over 1500 year old and could well have been used by St. Drostan himself as a place from which to preach.

“We then went to the site of the previous Episcopalian Church where there are still remains of the church which burnt down following the events of 1745.

“Many Episcopalians had supported the Jacobites and suffered accordingly after the defeat at Culloden.”

The group who had been on the little pilgrimage rejoined the others who had remained at St. Drostan’s Lodge for a service in the church to celebrate the life and witness of St. Drostan.

The repaired church bell was rung.

Soon after the service started there was a torrential downpour and so the tea was held in the lodge rather than outside.