St. Ninian’s Square roadworks completed

WORK to improve road safety at St. Ninian’s Square in Brechin has now been completed by Angus Council.

Welcoming the completion of the works, leader of Angus Council Bob Myles, said: “These improvements will reduce the risk of accidents, slowing traffic as it travels through the junction and reducing the width of carriageway crossed by pedestrians.”

He explained: “St Ninian’s Square is one of the sites in the county improved this year, in response to the annual accident investigation programme report to the council.

“The St Ninian’s Square area had the third highest personal injury accident record in an Angus urban area, with three accidents at the site in the last four years reported to Tayside Police.

“Two involved serious injuries to a pedestrian and child cyclist. A child who was with the adult pedestrian also received slight injuries. The third accident resulted in slight injuries to a vehicle driver.”

He added: “As a council, we always strive to reduce traffic accidents as part of promoting safe communities, and trust that the long-term safety benefits to the community outweigh the short-term inconvenience which was caused to local residents and businesses while the works were underway. “

Commenting on the time taken to complete the work, councillor Myles said: “As we indicated in the advance notice given to residents and businesses the work was expected to take two weeks.

“Unfortunately a problem with a domestic sewer and then the Easter trades holiday meant that it overran. We apologise for any inconvenience this caused but it was outwith the council’s control.

“As council officers discussed with a local business and residents’ representative last week, the works have been done as sympathetically as possible and, of course, are in line with the conservation area requirements.”

Following the work the road width at St Ninian’s Square has been reduced to ten metres, which is wider than the design standards for A class roads (7.3metres) and is therefore adequate for HGV movements.

Two parking spaces have been removed but adequate on street parking remains along the length of Park Street.

Repairs to the steps at the site, separate to the works, have now been completed.