Stables parking concerns

A BRECHIN business man has asked drivers to be be courteous about using his company’s car park after he claims it is losing him business.

Alan Renilson of The Stables contacted the Brechiner, having had enough of people abandoning their cars in his car park.

There should be room for 15 customers’ cars but at the time of contact there were 12 cars parked in the car park.

At this time no customers had brought a car and staff had parked their cars on the street to make room in the car park for customer parking.

Alan, who explained that the problem was an on going one, said: “The problem we have is people dump their cars in the morning and do not return to pick them up until the night.

“For example today (Friday) the car park is nearly full and I’ve not got a single customer in here who has a car.

“Come 12 noon when customers are driving past the car park they will look in and think we are too busy and and will go elsewhere. It is costing me business.

“Another problem we have is that we are starting to get a number of funeral parties coming in and it is meaning they have to park in Market Street or Clerk Street. It shouldn’t be that way.”

Although barriers could be erected to stop people parking in the car park, it is a method that Alan would like to avoid.

“I could put a barrier up to stop it happening but I have deliveries coming in early in the morning and I don’t want to be having to get up to open up barriers for them,” continued Alan.

“I also have mums and dads who come here every morning at 8.50 am, drop off their cars and take their kids to Maisondieu, then they come back to their cars and leave.

“They come back at 3 pm, park in the car park, pick up their cars and leave. I do not want to stop them using the car park for that.

“The mums and dads are more than welcome to use my car park but not the people who just leave their cars and disappear as it is costing me business. Things are tough enough as it is.

“I wouldn’t even mind if people popped their heads in and explained that they couldn’t get parked on the street and that they were parking and going to get their hair cut, for example.”