Statue’s coffers boosted by £500

Local charity fund-raisers, Marion Harper and Jess Christie, presented the Robert Watson-Watt Society of Brechin with a cheque for £500 at Brechin High School on Monday, September 24.

Each year Marion, Jess and lots of helpers and friends run a charity shop for a weekend to raise money for a selected charity.

This year they decided to support local charities and in addition to making a contribution to the Robert Watson-Watt Society they also raised funds for Enable, a Montrose based charity for the disabled.

Marion and Jess made the decision to raise money for the statue of Sir Robert Watson-Watt after reading about the fund-raising efforts of local stone mason and sculptor, Tom Church.

“We felt that after raising money for national charities it was time to do something for local, community charities and were delighted to support the fund-raising for such a worthwhile project to celebrate the vital contribution made by Sir Robert during the Second World War,” they explained.

Any donation, no matter how small, is important to keep the project on track to commemorate the pioneer of radar and to provide Brechin with its first ever statue.

Recent fund-raising contributions have come from Marion and Jess, Tom Church and the Brechin Arms, who have all raised funds that are helping make this milestone project a reality.

Brechin High School will also be holding a fund-raising concert on Monday, October 22, at 7.30 pm. Tickets are priced at £2.50 to help add to the fund raising total.

All are welcome.