Steps to tackle bullying

Concerned parents in Brechin have put in motion plans to start an anti-bullying campaign to tackle issues in Angus and Scotland as a whole.

Local Brechin councillors, Mairi Evans and Jim Houston, met with a couple of parents to discuss plans to hold a meeting with the education authority to discuss what is already being done to tackle the issue.

It is hoped that, if the campaign can gather enough support and momentum, the anti-bullying guidelines in place at the moment can be reviewed to see if changes can be made to help protect those who may encounter bullying in Angus schools and beyond.

The campaigners are also hoping to develop a Facebook page where people who have experienced bullying can share their experiences. Known as ‘impact statements’, it is hoped that the page, once created, can add weight to the argument that more needs to be done to help those who are victims of bullied.