Still cracking up!

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ANGUS Council’s “safety improvements” in St Ninian’s Square have come under more fire from local residents after a week of accidents and mishaps.

It has been no laughing matter for two elderly gentleman who are claiming to have suffered serious falls right in front of the shops at the square, having tripped over the crumbling kerb stones which are adjacent to the new extended pavements.

The first man has spent the best part of a week off his feet and, as local newsagent Craig Lindsay explained, the second, had such a serious fall that his papers are having to be delivered to him until he recovers.

Craig said: “This is a farce. We were told by the people from the roads department and our council leader that these were safety measures.

“Yet, in the space of less than a week, we have two men seriously injured because of the state of the pavement.

“On top of that we had a woman mounting the kerb on one side of the road where the extended pavements have been put in. She probably wasn’t aware of how far out into the road they extend.

“When workmen came in to do the pavement extensions that everyone in the area was so up in arms about they were told about the state of the heightened kerb down to the shop and I watched one guy push in the cracked kerb stones.

“Now at least two people we are aware of have suffered serious injury. When are the council going to listen to the people in the street or the people who work in and around these areas on a daily basis? It’s a case of they always seem to know what is best for us.”

Matthew Neve said: “In our meeting with the roads department we highlighted the state of the high kerb in front of the shops and how it should have been a bigger priority than these stupid and unnecessary extended pavements.

“We were told all about the accident statistics and how this would drastically cut back the number of accidents that occur.

“Yet, just a few weeks after the improvements are carried out we are already reporting on three accidents and it’s worth baring in mind these are just the ones we know about.

“I talked about going to court with the council over loss of earnings after we lost out on parking spaces and my advice to those who have injured themselves in the past week is go down the same route.

“This is their responsibility and they have clearly failed to act in an appropriate manner, which, quite simply, should allow Brechiners to walk down any street in the town safely.

“It’s not so much a dereliction of duty as a failure to apply common sense and see exactly what’s in front of them.”