Story of Edzell Library published

Inglis Memorial Hall
Inglis Memorial Hall

A book on Inglis Memorial Hall and Library has been published thanks to a grant from Strathmartine Trust, which backs research into Scottish History.

The book’s launch coincided with National Doors Open Day, during which the Edzell building was open to the public.

The book places the Victorian Library in the context of UK-wide Library History, its location, and the Inglis family.

Author Jean Smedley said: “The historic library has been described as one of the best preserved late 19th century public libraries surviving anywhere in the UK; and has much to tell about UK-wide Library History. The Victorian Inglis family are also very special. They provide a fascinating example of the achievements of Scots around the world at the time of the British Empire and their Christian values are still really relevant and touching today.”

“I thought it was important that more people knew more about the building and the Inglis family.

‘‘The old library has a lot to tell in terms of UK-wide library history but there is also so much other information in the book too that I hope there will be something for everyone. You’ll be amazed at the sort of things the book touches on; everything from fireworks, to the tea trade, to pirates.”

Jean took over five and a half years to put the book together. She explained: “I never intended to write a book but Inglis Memorial Hall is just so special and the Inglis family so fascinating that I thought someone should write one and I seemed to end up doing it.

“It has taken a very long time but I found the topics all so interesting that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing it. The building and the Inglis family really are very special and very interesting and I hope that comes across when people read the book.

“I am really grateful to the Strathmartine Trust for their very kind grant.”

For anyone wishing to visit, the Library is opened by volunteers most Sundays from 2 to 4pm (admission free) or call Brechin Museum 01356 625536 to arrange an appointment.

The book is on sale at Edzell’s Tweed Warehouse. For any enquiries contact