Stracathro WRI news

Mrs Anne Leiper presided at the annual general meeting of Stracathro WRI and introduced the speaker, Mrs Maureen Patterson.

She gave a demonstration of the bags she makes for charity. All the bags are made from recycled materials, and she told some entertaining stories about how she obtains the material - cloth samples, old kilts, and so forth.

Competitions: flower of the month - 1, A. Leiper; 2, S. Burnett; 3, D. Christie.

Cups for most points throughout the year: both the Cookery and Handicraft Cups were won by I. Merchant.

Two members from Farnell WRI were tellers, and the new committee comprises: S. Brown, L. Box, S. Burnett, H. Christie, I. Christie, J. Cuthill, M. Finnie, M. Gardner, I. Merchant and L. Simpson.