Supermarket choice

With Sainsbury’s getting planning permission to build in Montrose the people in Brechin have voiced that they too would like a supermarket to come to the area.

Currently ASDA are building stores in Forfar and Arbroath which are due to open in the next view months, a store that the majority of Brechiners who voted on our Facebook poll wanted to see come to Brechin.

As we went to press a total of 224 people answered our poll to find out whether they thought Brechin needed a new supermarket. ASDA topped the poll with over 79 per cent of the vote, some 178 people wanting to see an ASDA in Brechin. Morrisons received 27 votes whilst Tesco and Sainsburys each got five votes. Only seven people or four per cent of those voting said that Brechin did not need another supermarket.

In favour of a supermarket was Steve Wilson who said: “Anything would be better than the over-inflated prices we have to pay here.”

Wendy Adam, who was also keen on ASDA coming to the area, explained: “It would be good to get everything we need on our doorstep and save a trek to Dundee or Aberdeen.”

Uncertain how feasible a supermarket would was Michael Anderson said: “I’m sure they (the supermarkets) will have done their own feasibility studies.

“ASDA or Morrisons may see some value as they don’t have a store in the area.

“Tescos may see it as a bigger dent to their Montrose store than a prosperous venture here.

“Although if we’re expecting not to have to travel a little then they could argue why would people travel to Brechin to shop?”

However, not everyone was keen to see a supermarket in the town as Maggie Paton explains: “Another supermarket? Why don’t they (Brechin) have a decent clothes shop or a Wetherspoons? Brechin is full of hairdressers, charity shops and supermarkets ”

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