Superstars of Wrestlezone ready to explode at Montrose Town Hall show

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Professional wrestling returns to Montrose Town Hall later this month with a night full of body-slamming fun in store for Angus’ grappling fans.

Top-of-the-bill for the annual WrestleZone event on Saturday, February 20 is a first-time-ever tag team contest featuring two of the best wrestlers in Scotland: current Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift and Fife’s Johnny Lions.

The duo have recently found common ground after years of rivalry and in Montrose, they will take on Shawn Johnson and Damien of Sterling Oil in a big doubles contest.

The ‘Red-Haired Warrior’ knows that while his issues with Johnny are not forgotten, he is ready to put them to the side for this special fight night.

Swift said: “I never expected Johnny Lions to be standing beside me in this battle, but I am happy to put our differences to one side for the good of WrestleZone.

“We face a huge challenge in Montrose. Shawn Johnson is one of the most exciting grapplers in th country and with the experienced Damien by his side, they pose a huge threat to us.

“I’m not sure how this team with Johnny is going to go, but I am prepared to put any bad feeling to the side with the aim of uniting to beat some sense into Sterling Oil.”

The annual wrestling event in the town will feature a host of personalities from the towering Crusher Craib, to masked grappler Blue Thunder and charismatic teacher-turned-wrestler Mr P.

Fans of all ages can enjoy the wrestling action in a family-friendly atmosphere which mixes the styles of traditional ‘World of Sport’ British wrestling and the popular American style now prevalent across the world.

WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes remembers last year’s event in Montrose as a highlight of the year, and hopes there is more excitement for the fans for the event.

He said: “People from all ages and backgrounds attend our event and the family-friendly nature of it means that everyone can enjoy and feel part of the event.

“The grapplers really enjoy visiting towns across the east coast of Scotland and Montrose has become a favourite for the fan’s vocal support.

“For the wrestlers, having an enthusiastic audience spurs them on and we are sure to see another great night of action later this month.”

More information on the event is available at or by phoning 07855 121777.