Talking city up does the trick

The work done by the Christmas lights committee and the retailers involved in the Christmas in the City event is claimed to have contributed to 99% of respondents to the latest Angus citizen survey stating they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of life in the county.

Councillor Bob Myles is delighted with the work that the retailers and committee have done, which, he said, has improved the attitudes of the residents within the community.

“There has been a bit of talking Brechin down in the past and by talking Brechin up the retailers have, in some ways, changed the perception of Brechin, especially if you take the Christmas in the City day which saw so many people coming out to it,” explained Councillor Myles.

When asked if Christmas in the City could be improved Councillor Myles said: “Never say you can’t do things better but it will be difficult, in some ways, to do it better than this year.

“But, it doesn’t mean we should become complacent.

“If we start talking up our area, it will help, in some ways, to get a better response when people ask where do you want to live in Angus or Scotland.

“People will start to think that Brechin and Angus would be a nice place to live because people are talking it up.

“It gives Brechin a feel-good factor when little has changed except the attitude.

“Of course the THI has changed the look of the buildings.

“Of course there is the usual gripe that the scaffolding has been up for too long, but you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs.

“We need to put up with it albeit for the short term for long term benefits.

“The more people talk up the area the more chance they have of improving the area.”

The work of Brechin could well be used as a template to help other communities.

“When highlighting the work that Brechin has done to Derek Mackay MSP, minister for local government and planning, he was very, very pleased and very interested and wondered if he could take it on board and use it as a template for other what other communities could do. Brechin is leading the way here.

“It is great to get the enthusiasm back again and long may it continue.”