Tayside Police Benevolent Fund to be transferred

Tayside Police Benevolent Fund, which has been running for nearly 38 years will transfer into the new Scottish Police Benevolent Fund on April 1.

It was set up and constituted as a Registered Charity at the formation of Tayside Police in 1975.

A sub-committee of three constituent Branch Boards of the Scottish Police Federation had met over a period of many months in the lead up to regionalisation and had agreed the constitution which not only set out to assist police officers, ex-police officers and their dependants but also other charitable organisations.

Subscriptions of the Fund came principally from members with donations from the public also forming part of income.

Over the near 38 years of the Fund’s existence almost £65,000 has been donated to over 140 local charities.

Chief Constable Justine Curran, President of Tayside Police Benevolent Fund said: “Officers who have contributed to the Tayside Police Benevolent Fund will be proud to know that so many local charities, organisations and communities have benefited from these donations.

“The fund has provided members and former members of Tayside Police with assistance and support since its conception and this service will continue nationally under the Scottish Benevolent Fund and into the future.”

In 1981, the Benevolent Fund Committee made an approach to the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra and in the period between April 1982 and April 1992 the Fund, along with the S.F.O. sponsored Fiddlers’ Rallies in Caird Hall, Dundee.

These occasions, particularly in the earlier years, were almost invariably sell outs or close to that when the S.F.O. members would exceed 100 under conductor, the late John Mason MBE.

The early concerts were compered by the late Rev, James Currie who was succeeded by broadcaster Robbie Shepherd whose programme on BBC Radio Scotland, Take the Floor, still enjoys huge popularity.

The Benevolent Fund’s share of the proceeds from these concerns became the catalyst for annual distribution of monies to other local charities.

Since its inception under the late Chief Constable John R Little, up to and including present Chief Constable Justine Curran, the Fund has always enjoyed the full support of all Chief Constables who are, by virtue of their office, Presidents of the Fund.

Ms Curran, at the point of the Fund’s transfer into the new Fund, extended her congratulations to successive generations of officers for their support over the years and is happy to be associated with the help extended to so many local charities, organisations and communities; particularly the smaller, less well known but difficult to sustain organisations.

Sergeant David Hamilton, Benevolent Fund Secretary and Secretary of the Tayside Branch of the Scottish Police Federation said: “Tayside Police Benevolent Fund has supported many serving and retired police officers and their families for nearly 38 years.

“In that time it has given thousands of pounds to local charities and initiatives across Tayside.

“We move into the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund with a proud record of achievement and legacy and look forward to continuing to provide assistance to those in need.”