Tayside Police in safety plea to rural road users

Tayside Police is appealing to motorcyclists and indeed all drivers to take every care on the roads and make road safety their priority.

In addition to its urban routes, Tayside has a many rural roads, some of which provide routes to some of the finest scenery in the world. Indeed many motorcyclists journey to the region for this reason.

But everyone should be aware that the majority of all fatalities arise from collisions that happen on rural roads.

A spokesman said: “By design, motorcycles and therefore motorcyclists are more vulnerable than many other road users.

“In the event of a collision, they are almost certain to suffer injury and are at greater risk to serious injury and even death.

“Road safety can never be taken for granted whether on a motorway, in a built up area or on a country road.

“A seemingly traffic-free quiet country road demands as much consideration to safety as any other carriageway and drivers and motorcyclists must resist any temptation to speed.

“There can be hidden dangers, particularly if the country road in question is an unfamiliar one to the road user.

“Hidden junctions, field and farm entrances, slow moving agricultural vehicles, all have to be anticipated.

“Drivers and motorcyclists should also expect to encounter horses, pedestrians, cyclists, caravans and even drivers who perhaps got lost along the way and are making an unexpected manoeuvre.

“No one can afford to be blasé on a country road.

“Everyone needs to be alert to the unexpected.

“Furthermore, motorcyclists should never overestimate their own abilities in handling their motorcycle, which is a particularly powerful machine.

“Many motorcycles are not driven all years round and their owners need to attune themselves to handling their bike again when they take to the road.”