Tenant frustrated with her leaky roof

A Brechin resident has hit out at Angus Council after having had to put up with leaks in her property for the past nine years.

Claire Brown, who stays in a council property on City Road, has now said the issue had worsened over the last three months.

She explained: “Every winter time we’ve had leaks.

‘‘However, the last three months we’ve had leaks in nearly all the ceilings of the house - the hall kitchen, my sons’ bedroom and we’ve got mould in the bathroom.”

She described one leak this summer as looking like “a burst pipe.”

She continued: “I’ve been told the tiles on the roof are about 20 years old, and the council told me this morning it’s not likely to ever get fully fixed.”

“Every time I go in to pay my rent I complain to the council about it, but nothing’s ever done.

“I just want out of the house now. My kids shouldn’t have to grow up like this.

“I’m having to redecorate every time I get leaks which is costing me a lot of money.”

Claire, who has a two sons, aged six and nine, has said she is not eligible for a move to another council house as her children can share a room.

She added: “I have had enough now. I just wish we never took this house in the first place.”

But there was better news for Claire when a spokesman from Angus Council told us: “An inspection of this property on Thursday identified that the roof tiles require to be replaced.

“Measurements have been taken for the work, which will be carried out at the earliest opportunity.

“We would be happy to hear from the tenant via our ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 if they have any further queries.”