The Ashvale restaurant serves up a tasty meal

The Ashvale, Brechin.
The Ashvale, Brechin.

Having been a frequent visitor to the takeaway part of The Ashvale in Brechin, I have always had good intentions of visiting the restaurant upstairs.

The Ashvale is a much-frequented takeaway for me, particularly given it’s location next to The Glebe (it’s always a fine option after doing match day coverage), but having tried out the restaurant now, I think I’m much more likely to go to eat in than get a takeaway.

After all, the only thing that can make a chip shop dinner better is not having to do the dishes!

We were seated immediately upon arrival by a member of staff who let us spend time deliberating our choices.

The restaurant is pleasantly decorated, with various pictures displaying the fishing industry throughout history in Scotland.

There was a fair few options on the menu which proved a challenge for me, as I dithered between a chicken burger or white pudding, eventually opting to try the white pudding.

My partner, Ryan, however was quick to opt for a jumbo sausage with chips.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the speed with which our orders arrived, and given how hungry I was the short wait was extremely welcome.

Both our dishes came served with chips and beans, and there were various condiments on the table to go with our dishes.

When it comes to chips, you can’t beat proper chip shop ones and these were lovely and crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside - just the way they should be.

Ryan’s jumbo sausage was encased in batter that was crisp and light, and the sausage cooked very well.

Given that not even a bean was left behind on the plate, it’s safe to say it was a meal enjoyed.

My white pudding, which is the first time I’ve had this from any chip shop, was so tasty I think it’s going to become a regular choice.

It was seasoned so well and went great with the beans.

I had my eye on the millionaire cheesecake on the dessert menu, but having tackled my generous dinner portion (and not finishing it all), there was no chance I would manage dessert.