The Olympic Torch will pass through Brechin on June 12

Brechin is gearing up to play host to the Olympic Torch when it passes through later this year (writes Sarah McLean).

On the 24th day of the country wide relay the torch will leave Aberdeen and pass through various towns in the Mearns, Angus, Perthshire and Fife on the way to Dundee.

When the torch arrives in Brechin it will be carried down the Montrose Road towards Southesk Street, then via Panmure Street, eventually turning onto Castle Street and onwards out of the town.

Once the torch has left Brechin the next stop on the route will be Forfar.

Six people will carry the torch as it makes its way through the town - David Richards (49), Drew Falconer (54), Holly Quinn (13), Ian Bishop (31), Keith Donaldson (50) and Jane Jarosz (34).

The six are part of the 8,000 strong team of relay-runners who will carry the torch, which reaches UK shores from Greece on May 18.

Representing peace, unity and friendship the torch makes its way around the country in 70 days to kick off the 2012 Olympic Games.

The torch will then remain lit for the duration of the games before being extinguished at the closing ceremony.