THI theme for latest lunch date

Changes and improvements on the High Street will be the theme of a talk being held as part of a professional and volunteer lunch on September 13 at the Cathedral Hall from 12 noon.

Sarah Kettles, project manager of the Brechin Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI), will be giving a talk on the changes and improvements of the High Street.

As the Merchants House has created a lot of interest in the town most of her talk will be focused on the history of the house as well as giving an update on the progress of the repairs taking place on the building which is hoped will be a great assest to the town.

All interested parties are welcome to attend with a lunch of soup and sandwiches being supplied.

A collection towards a charity of the groups choice will be gratefully received.

Irene Gillies explained: “These lunches have been held for a few years.

“The lunches give people who work or are volunteers in the Brechin area the opportunity to talk on their subjects.

“This has been quite enlightening to many of us.

“It was originally started to allow us in the NHS to put a face to the many people who are involved in care in this community.

“This has now expanded and we have had speakers from all walks of life who are involved with people of Brechin.

“Please pop along and enjoy not only the topic to be discussed but also to meet others who help this community to function.

“As Bob Myles stated at our last lunch this was the most relaxed lunch he had had for some time.”