Thought for the Week

I have been preaching through the Gospel of John so I expect you will get a few of these ‘John Moments’ over the next several years as I work through it on a Sunday message series.

I must say it has been most enlightening and I am enjoying the study and preparation as much as the preaching itself. Work? Aye, but a good time as well.

I am realising that I love Jesus and am finding him a better and better friend as I learn about him.

I was struck several years ago by a verse that said simply: “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus...”

The journey that to which this has lead has been interesting and a real growing experience as I started with the thought of ‘What did Jesus really think?’ Funny to me that as ‘Christians’ we claim to know about our faith and what we believe, yet we never really absorb the message of the Gospel.

That simple message of the death, burial, resurrection and future coming again of Jesus. We don’t absorb the words that Jesus spoke. Simple things like ‘If you love me keep my commandments’ which is a bit of a challenge if we don’t even know what he said.

For those that just accept that Jesus was a good teacher fair enough, still you have to know what he said about his world and sin and himself to really even say that.

But many don’t know what he said. Many Christians ‘quote’ Jesus and don’t even get the ‘quotes’ right. Some do, but many don’t, a real challenge and that is where my journey started back into the gospels, a journey to rediscover for myself what it was about.

I realised even as a minister I was and some days still am rather lacking. I love the growing. I wish I could say I got it and am perfecting it, but not quite there yet.

So this Sunday just past was John 1:36-51 about Jesus calling some of his disciples. Good story following on the heels of John the Baptist saying ‘Behold the Lamb of God.’ So we see John and Andrew following Jesus and He asks them, ‘what are you looking for?’And they reply with a silly question yet a prying question as well by asking ‘Where do you stay?’

I love His response of ‘I’m not telling’. Well ok that is not exactly how he said it, rather he said straight up; “Come and See.” Later we see that Andrew calls his brother Peter with the same words: Come and See.

So my call to you is no matter what you believe about Jesus, whether you believe he is God or just a good teacher, whether you think the Bible is relevant for today or a 2000 year old out of date not sure what... Find a Bible and Come and See who he really is. Either way you will see something new, something that will guide your day to day living, something that can encourage and enlighten. Who knows what you may discover.

Come with me and see.

By the Rev. Jon Bergen,

Brechin Baptist Fellowship.