Thought for the Week

Living by faith is a simply hard task.

It is simple because we have a faith that as we live it, it becomes real for us and we see the result.

But there are the days it is a real challenge and it seems as if God is just not there. He is just not answering our prayers and we have to keep moving forward in faith that it is valid and will live in our lives. Often the times of struggle come as we live day to day after seeing God do something that to us seems miraculous.

We see needs provided for, lives changed and then life strikes to the heart of our faith and leaves us gasping and we wonder if we can really make it one more step.

I suspect Peter the Apostle felt similar as we see the story in Matthew of how he walked on the water.

There they were, Jesus had fed 5000 folk with just a picnic lunch multiplied beyond anything anyone had seen... and so into the boat and a nasty storm pops up out of nowhere and then there is Jesus walking on the water.

Well the disciples reacted in fear rather than faith and Jesus affirmed that it was really Him in the midst of this storm. Well Peter in faith and fear said: “Lord if it is really You then command me to come to you on the water.” Well Jesus said “Come.”

Well Peter did what any sensible guy would do, he jumps over the rail and onto the water. Really? It is not the normal thing to do and I doubt I’d have been jumping over onto the water.

So there is Peter doing the impossible with the guy that took the impossible as a way of life. Peter, walking on the water to meet up with Jesus and just like you and I would do.

He got his eyes off Jesus and saw the waves and the faith went away and fear took over and he started to sink. Now this is where the living through the crisis in faith that seems so fragile comes in. Peter does the only sensible thing he could do. He prayed, didn’t waste words, got straight to the point: “Lord, save me!” A cry of desperation from a place of fear moving in faith to a place of visible faith.

I hear Jesus words way too often in my own moments of fear as he says to Peter, “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt? This is really where we live a life that is a miracle in the first place and should have faith and then enough to get though but no we go looking at the waves instead of the one who promised ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Man there are days I hate living by faith, but then don’t we all, yet I have faith that God is still in control and that He has my best in his heart even if there are days that I don’t see it or understand it... I just hope there are days I have at least enough faith to start the journey like Peter.

Trying to live day to day... in faith

by the Rev. Jon Bergen,

Brechin Baptist Fellowship.