Thought for the Week

AS hard as it is to believe School holidays have come and gone. I know I took a wee break from writing and tried to catch my breath a wee bit.

Not sure it happened the way I had planned and the summer took some interesting turns.

As a church we along with other churches had activities for some of the children.

Our StepOut week was Amazing and we are looking forward to next year already.

But what I have to say after watching all the kids in furious activity and all the singing and playing and listening to the Bible stories is that once again I observe that youth is wasted on the young... goodness if I still had that kind of energy I’d get 10 times more done in a day.

Another big event was flitting house, didn’t go far, just across the street basically but an interesting move none the less and I can only say it worked out as a ‘God thing’ the way it all came together.

Here is praying I don’t have to do the move thing for a long time to come, Ruth is even more sure she doesn’t want to. Still many things to finish and to get sorted but still glad to have had this as part of the life journey. Looking forward to seeing how a house becomes a home.

So not sure it was a ‘holiday’ more like a work in progress. So busy just didn’t get to get away.

But the new back garden is peaceful most of the time and using the BBQ grill as must in the past few weeks as in the past year has been really great. But now it is time to get back to work and catch up on the things ignored over the past few weeks.

With that said I want to let all know that my prayers are with and for all the children as they are back in school both in our primaries and in the high school.

I hope to get around to see you throughout the year. My prayers are with the teachers and staff as they deal with the day to day challenges of educating minds of mush into some little people that will grow up and become part of our community in the future.

I also am saying prayers for those that finished their education this past year and are off to college or uni and some into their gap years. May God’s blessing go with you to wherever you find your journey taking you.

God bless us everyone in a new season of life,

By the Rev Jon Bergen,

Brechin Baptist Fellowship.