Thought for the Week

Our lives are often about celebration and commemorating the big events of life and history. The nation of Israel commemorated Passover as the time of their fleeing a life of slavery in Egypt. This amazingly tied into the timing of Jesus death, burial and resurrection which we in the Christian community now celebrate as Easter. We celebrate Christmas and Harvest Sundays (my favourite tied to harvest is American Thanksgiving).

This past year we celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee to mark the 60 years she has been the Queen of the UK and Commonwealth. Before we know it we will be celebrating Bonfire Night with all the historical significance of Guy Fawkes. We celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and sometimes some events that are sad reminders of those who have passed from this life before us. Celebration and Remembrance are part of the fabric of our lives.

I am reflecting on a big life change for me and my family as we have been in Brechin now for ten and a half years. We came here with the intent of trying to unite what was once two Baptist churches in Brechin, the Lighthouse Baptist and the Brechin Baptist Churches, but by the time we actually got moved here both had actually closed down. So believing this was the place we were supposed to be, we settled in and started having Bible studies and fellowships.

Starting with a wee core group in September of 2002 we had services in the Andover Primary School. Ten years ago we had a group from the Dingwall Baptist Church with us passing out invitations around Brechin and several stayed through for our first Sunday and we are hoping some of those folk can make it back to share in our celebration day together.

We then made the move to the Mechanics Institute which seemed a better fit and was a lovely venue that didn’t require finding a different venue on the school holidays and for midweek Bible studies. We would probably still be there apart from that six years ago the old Jollys Hotel became available to become a more permanent venue for us.

There are days, walking through where we are, that it seems like we have made a lot of progress in the remodelling front but others, that the reality that all remodelling is about time and finances, that I realize that we still have a fair bit to go. But it has been a usable place that will continue to improve.

So this next Sunday, September 9, we will celebrate 10 years of Brechin Baptist Fellowship becoming a part of the Brechin City community. Our plan is to have a celebration family service in the Sunday morning at our normal 10.45am time. Then, an open house type ‘Sundaes on Sunday’ in the evening starting at 6pm.

For the sundaes we like to do a make your own sort of thing where you get a few scoops of ice cream and then figure what your favourite toppings are to put on. I am hoping that many of you will be able to come and celebrate with us this Sunday. I would like to invite everyone to come and say hi and share in part of our day.

Celebrating 10 years and looking ahead to many more,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist Fellowship