Thought for the Week

We take for granted the good things in our lives way too often. We fail to see many that are suffering in our world. We look at our own personal trials and troubles and think we are suffering.

The suffering around the world in many cases makes ours look like the easy life. But... too often though we recognise that suffering around the world and miss that there is real suffering in our own country, our own community and even in the lives of our friends and families.

You know I am a big believer in the message of Jesus, that wonderful thing called ‘Gospel’. The challenge is that the gospel is sufficient in itself, but there should be a result of that message.

It then becomes about living that gospel out in day to day living. Jesus did things that helped Him proclaim his message of grace by living out that grace in the things He did as well as what He said.

The problem is I’m not Jesus and I can’t just do miracles like he did. My frustration along with many I chat with is that we can’t fix everything to make it the world we’d like it to be.

Sometimes we just have to take it one step at a time and change one small thing so that it makes a difference and perhaps that difference will be in the life of someone who finds the next thing to make better.

One area is hunger in our world. I know from things I have read lately that there is enough food to go around but for a variety of reasons that is not happening. I also know that I don’t have the power or the resources to feed everyone myself.

I also know there are many good groups that are doing something about this and yet there are still wee kids and old folk and from every age in between who go to bed hungry way too often.

Individually we can’t solve that, but together perhaps we can help a few more than we would do without an effort.

So here is a step that will soon be helping in our community. (I’ll lay out a bit more next week about the need.) Trussell Trust ( has been going for a few years now and was started by Paddy and Carol Henderson when they saw the need of wee street kids in Bulgaria.

But the vision was added to when they were reminded that even in the UK there are people in crisis that need that basic thing called a meal.

So locally the plan is to join with this effort by way of the local group called Angus Foodbank and have a Brechin depot at the Brechin Baptist Fellowship working together via the Brechin Churches Together to make a difference in our part of the world.

More next week,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist Fellowship