Thought for the week

Shrove Tuesday is past and the pancakes have been eaten and enjoyed.

The cupboards are tidy and clean as we prepare for the coming of Easter.

But sadly there are those who cannot for reasons outwith their control enjoy these times like most of us do.

I want to change the world at many levels but know that I can’t, and I suspect many in our area also feel the same way since we can’t change the world we have to do what we can to change one life, one home, one bit at a time. In that we can make a difference.

Too often though we don’t even see the need in our community, it is hidden and doesn’t show up in ways that are obvious to our eyes.

Yet statistics show that many are just one pay-cheque away from crisis.

And, in our economy this is a scary prospect to face.

We live in a country that many in our world would consider better off than most, and in truth we are very blessed but in our blessedness there is still about 16 per cent of the Scottish population, or about 840,768 people that are considered living in income deprivation.

Now in Angus we are slightly better off in that only 14 per cent of the population fit in that category.

Sadly in Brechin we are above the national average, with 17.1 per cent struggling, and with one area of Brechin actually hitting 31 per cent that fit the income deprived status.

Some of these situations are due to poor life choices, but many are just situations that need a helping hand to get past that point of crisis long enough to get back on their feet.

The need is here, but how do we do a part to solve it?

One plan in the works is setting up a partnership with the Angus Foodbank and Trussell Trust to do our part locally.

This will involve being proactive in using a place that can meet these needs.

It will involve having people that work together to keep this place running.

It will involve people in the community that perhaps can’t do the time thing being able to give in other ways.

More details will be available in the coming weeks.

The Trussell Trust has a system in place that has been working for almost 10 years, using many of the folk that are already in place in our social care system; Social workers, doctors surgeries, schools, churches, carers and others already out in the community but needing just that bit of extra resources.

Using this plan, Angus Foodbank hopes to use the facilities at Brechin Baptist Fellowship and folk from across our community to help folk get help in that trying in between time of crisis between not even realising that they are in crisis to being in proper care.

So where do we start? Well we are learning how it works and setting up facilities for opening our own Foodbank.

More to come,

Rev. Jon Bergen