Thought for the Week

DO YOU ever get that ‘Song Stuck in the Head and you can’t stop singing it’ moment?

Well I have had one of those myself lately. But it has not been a pop song, a rock and roll song or even a country and western kind of song. It isn’t even one to take me back to my childhood or early married years.

Rather it is one of those songs that take me to a place of worship. We all have those I just have to sing my worship moments, just we all don’t worship the same things, or in my case the same person.

Matt Redman’s song ‘Bless the Lord’ says: “The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning-It’s time to sing Your song again-Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me-Let me be singing when the evening comes. [Chorus] Bless the Lord, O my soul- O my soul-Worship His holy name- Sing like never before- O my soul-I’ll worship Your holy name.”

Psalm 66 starts out saying: “Make a joyful shout to God all the earth! Sing out the honour of His name. Make His praise glorious. Say to God “How awesome are your works!”

I so often look at the world around me and marvel at the beauty and complexity of it all. But sadly I often look around and see some things that are pretty ugly as well. Not so much in the physical sense as the ugly to look at stuff can be pretty funny at times as well.

But in the spiritual sense there is an underlying ugliness at times that makes me wonder what some folks are thinking.

I can’t know what is going on that makes people think or do ugly things. But I can know that the words of the Psalms and the thought of Blessing the Lord are not what is going on in the minds and hearts at times.

My personal challenge is that there are the times I know myself and realize that my thoughts and actions while many might not consider me to be ‘bad’ are still not focused on God and His glory or my part in making His glory shine.

So in those moments it makes me glad that Matt wrote a second verse that says of God: “You’re rich in love and You’re slow to anger...”

It is in those moments that I become so glad that God’s grace is there for my life, for your life if you want it. And in those moments the chorus then becomes real: “Bless the Lord oh my soul...”

So if you happen to catch me singing my newest favourite song a bit too loudly as I walk down the street, don’t stop me despite the poor voice but perhaps join me in a moment of worship wherever we may be.

I’ll Worship His Holy Name,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist Fellowship