Thought for the Week

So we left David in the Psalms wondering why and where God was in the lives of those around himself.

Why the wicked prospered and the righteous seemed to struggle so much. But he always seemed to end with a ‘But God is God and that is enough for me’ kind of thought or idea.

The question is so often asked, where was God in my trial, in my affliction and in the trials and afflictions of those I love and care about? Where is God in the calamities of the world at large?

Where is God in a world that has 200 plus kidnapped little girls, a world in which people are killing each other over which sect of a particular religion you belong to, a world in which children die and are abused and the list seems endless. Aye we are right to ask.

But the counter questions must then in fairness also be asked. Where is God when we are being blessed, where is God on the day the rains come and then the joy of sunshine fills our hearts? Where is God when the new wain is born? Where is He when the cancer test comes back clear. When we get the promotion at work or pass the test at school?

I guess some days we seem to forget that the same God we seem so easy to blame for the trial is also the same God that allows for blessings into our lives. There is the verse that says that the rain falls on the righteous and the un-righteous. (Matthew 5:45) So it is that, depending how you see it, rain is a picture of both the good and the bad. Rain in the gentle bits and spits can bring life and water the plants as a needed thing. Without it life withers and dies. But rain in vast amounts can be a deadly thing. It can wash away the soil, the roads and paths we walk on. It can drown the things we depend on for life and be a bane to our existence.

So it is I think often with how we view God and the things he allows or doesn’t allow into our lives. We can choose to become bitter or better as the clichéd saying goes.

So for me, I am willing to accept that God is good and yet because of the Genesis three effects of sin sometimes, often more than I like, the good doesn’t look good to me simply because it isn’t always good.

But I will trust God has my best in it all. That either it will make me a better person or teach me the lesson I need to learn. It is that auld Scots saying that I hear so often: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Here is praying God makes all of us stronger as we rely on Him,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist Fellowship