Thought for the week

Nomophobia... an interesting word that apparently a study showed 94 per cent of the surveyed group reported having this condition.

Hopefully, you are asking what it is. ‘Nomophobia’ is the fear of being out of mobile ‘phone contact. The term abbreviates a psychological thought of ‘no-mobile-phone phobia’.

‘Cell ‘Phone Loss Anxiety’ is a related term for those who lose their mobile devices. According to the place where I read this; the founder of an online dating site observed: “People in the 21st century are alone. We have so many new ways of communicating, yet we are so alone.”

I think it is true that we are more connected than ever but more alone as well. I remember the time that I used to mock those who never went anywhere without their mobile ‘phones and now I am one of them.

We have mobiles, e-mail, regular ‘phones, Skype, Viber, Facebook, internet chat and the list goes on and on.

All these forms of communication help us as we relate to each other over distances too far to travel on a regular basis. My son and family lives in Alaska, my brother is in Connecticut, so Skype is awesome! Yet I know in my own life nothing beats just sitting around a table with a group of mates and have a bit of food and a good chin wag.

But still the disconnect continues to grow. I encounter all the time the conversations about how does one find love, how does one find happiness, how does one get that fulfilment that seems to be lacking in our modern world? And ultimately it comes down to relationships.

As it is with us when we don’t have our mobile ‘phones connected and we feel that disconnected feeling, I wonder, do we ever feel disconnected from God?

So as usual, I go to the life of Christ to find out how to do it. Mark 1:35: “Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He (Jesus) went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.”

Well there is a way to get connected. A way to not have to be afraid of that disconnected feeling, it is called prayer. I wonder if not praying can be called ‘Noprayphobia? So if prayer was important for Jesus in keeping connected then perhaps it ought to be important for us as well.

I know I need to better follow Jesus example in this, to find that place of prayer and then to pray. The key is to take time to pray, because I need to connect with my heavenly Father. I know in the coming weeks I have Scottish Baptist Minister’s day of Prayer, I have Brechin World Day of Prayer that is on offer for anyone and everyone that wants to come on March 6 at the Edzell Church hall. And there are several other prayer events that I will try to fit into my diary.

I’ll say more about World Day of Prayer for us here in Brechin next week, so shall leave us hopefully not in a panic or in fear of being out of touch on our mobiles or in our prayer lives in the mean time.

No Nomophobia or 
Noprayphobia here,

Rev. Jon Bergen, Brechin Baptist Fellowship