Thought of the week

My brother in law and his wife have been here enjoying Brechin and Scotland/Angus for the past couple of weeks. Thanks to all you friendly folk who have made a good impression on them during this time.

One highlight was to go to Arbroath to see the Signal Tower Museum where we learned a bit about the history of Bell Rock Lighthouse.

The lighthouse has stood now for more than 200 years and is still standing despite the battering that it has had over the years.

The efforts that it took to build that tower out on Inchcape Rock is amazing. Yet the lives that have been saved over the years since that light started flashing into the North Sea has been to my mind worth the price and the effort paid to put it there.

The danger of that piece of rock just below the water, unseen at high tide and barely seen at low, as it was seemly waiting to tear the life out of the boats that just didn’t know or got caught in the currents of that water is beyond my landlubber ways to imagine.

But it was there, it was dangerous and it did great damage and many died as a result of no warning in.

At various times there was a bell there, but the waves and storms of the sea were too much and too often for it to last long or stay firmly in place. And so a better answer was needed, a tower to stand out in the day, a light for a dark night, something was required.

It is a reminder to me that we also live in an amazing world filled with many good things and even great things at times, yet it is still a world filled with dangers that too often we don’t even see or recognize till it is too late and our lives are seemingly being ripped to shreds.

I, as you well know, believe in the idea of church and while we don’t always get it right in every sense, I believe it is still God’s plan for our day.

It has taken, and will continue to take, many a battering over the years and many say like a lighthouse it is not needed any longer, yet it has stood on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. He said he would build His Church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it.

Just as the light houses around the shores of Scotland are not all the same, neither are all churches and so we have different flavours, different personalities and different ways of doing what we do. But the core of ‘Christian Church’ is Jesus and the Cross. This is good and well in our current modern world.

We here in Brechin have several different churches that are different, yet I believe our goal should be to stand like lighthouses in our fair City and be united in glorifying Jesus.

You will see a notice this week as well about a Choral Evensong as Brechin Churches Together meet to praise the Lord and fellowship together as an act of worship this coming Sunday evening, showing our common foundation (Jesus) while being made of many stones (individuals who make up the churches). If you are able, come and enjoy.

Praying I stand a long time,

Rev. Jon on behalf of Brechin Churches Together