Thought of the week

I had a great thought but I lost it. I put those keys down somewhere and I know they are always the last place I look. What is that burning smell coming from the kitchen? How long has it been making that squeak?

I know if I think about it long enough I’ll figure it out.

Don’t bother me I’m in the middle of ____________.

OH NO the low fuel light came on 30 miles ago and it is still 20 miles to where I need to be and I’m 10 minutes late already. And a dozen other random thoughts come to mind.

Do you ever feel this way?

I think at times we all get there. Yet where does a thought come from?

How do we even have the ability to think, to feel to reason in the first place?

Well a quick trip to Dundee to just ‘get out of town’ for a few hours, just find a place to chill and not have to talk to anyone or read anything or engage anything but the noise of the city so to speak.

Busy days ahead with Harley Davidson in the City and our church’s Stepout Kids Program next week (Edzell Church has theirs as well for those in Edzell).

So there I am sitting reading a bit of e-mail in a quiet sort of way, I overhear two lads chatting about superheroes.

Which one beats which ones... and then one lad says to the other.

“Well you know that Jesus story, guy is born in a manger, lives and dies, comes back to life?”

“Yeah”, says the other lad.

First lad says: “Well it is like Superman but just as much a fantasy.”

Well “off duty” or not I just couldn’t let that one go.

Needless to say this led to an interesting conversation about God and Jesus and even all the way to creation.

The challenging bit was the question of where do thoughts come from?

Well both lads claimed to be atheists which I found most interesting so just had to ask:

How do you KNOW you are an atheist? The claim of no creator is interesting to me as I say God has always just plain existed.

Their claim is everything came from nothing in a big bang.

Neither of us can prove either way in a test tube that we are right and the other wrong.

So in a sense it comes to faith—on both sides.

So the thought to think about is this: If in my hands I have 26 ping pong balls with the letters from A-Z on them and I drop them, what is the chance that they line up in a perfectly straight line in the right alphabetical order?

Periodic table has 118 elements listed... I want a solution for 26 in a straight line in order.

Periodic table shows 118 elements.

Well, I think the chances of my 26 lining up right is 0 per cent.

So with 118 elements, in an explosion what is the chance the 118 lining up to make me or YOU?

Just asking,

Rev. Jon Bergen

Brechin Baptist