Token of thanks for Bobby

Bobby Campbell at home with his medla sent from the USA.
Bobby Campbell at home with his medla sent from the USA.

Edzell’s Bobby Campbell MBE, a keen fund-raiser, was surprised to receive a medal from a commander of the former US Naval base at Edzell.

Captain Larry Schaffer, who was commanding officer at the base from 1992 to 1995, sent Bobby a medal that had been awarded to him by the US government.

His accompanying letter read: “Unfortunately the US government does not award military medals to civilians. However, there is no known prohibition to giving you one of mine.

“The enclosed naval commendation medal was awarded for meritorious services.

“Certainly your dedicated service and commitment to helping others, including the US military at Edzell base, would merit such an award.

“So I send you this small token of appreciation in recognition of past services and friendship to me and to American servicemen and women who served at the US Naval base at Edzell.”

Speaking about the medal, Bobby said: “I think it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s quite an honour.”

Bobby had previously worked at the base, which closed 18 years ago, as a military policemen. He added: “I got on well with the Americans. They helped me raise a lot of money. I was also part of the ambassador awards in America.”