Transition group moves plans forward

On Thursday, June 6, Brechin Transition City Group met in the Dalhousie Day Care Centre to make plans for moving the group forward.

Derek Harper agreed to convene the group and Joy Mowatt agreed to be Minute Secretary. Other office bearers will be appointed as necessary.

Wendy Don led a discussion on a food project using local ingredients and involving local school pupils. She indicated that Liz Howson, Head Teacher of Andover Primary School, planned to discuss this matter with the Brechin Schools 

Group and report back through Wendy. The intention is to create an event that is educative, will include the community and be fun. There was great enthusiasm with many ideas coming forward. Various members of the group undertook a number of tasks to help things along. As plans progress, further details will be reported in the local press.

Options to set up a community renewable energy project were discussed and Derek and Joy reported back on their attendance at the All Energy Exhibition in Aberdeen recently. This is at a very early stage and anyone who has knowledge of, or an interest in becoming involved should contact Joy on 01356623981 or 07590472750 after June 23.

The group agreed to become constituted and will seek assistance from Community Learning and Development to proceed with 

The group also agreed to investigate options for setting up a Gardenshare Scheme for Brechin and progress on this will also be reported in due 

Useful websites relating to this are:, and

The group agreed to wait until Wendy and Liz Howson’s information on the community meal project is a bit more advanced before setting the date of the next meeting.

Summing up the first meeting, Convener Derek Harper commented: “I was excited and motivated by the enthusiasm of the group and encouraged by the ideas coming forward. It will be important to focus on a few projects to start with and to see how we can work with local groups and businesses as we move forward. With the rising costs of food and energy the Transition project has the potential to be very good for the people of Brechin and its surrounding communities. I encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved to contact Joy as detailed