Additional safety cameras for A94

Tayside Safety Camera Partnership will be enforcing at nine new safety camera locations along the A94, between Perth and Forfar.

In line with the objective of casualty reduction and as part of the continued deterrent towards speeding and contribution to the safety of all road users; the Partnership has increased the number of sites where mobile cameras can operate along this road.

Enforcement has taken place on the A94 between Scone and Coupar Angus since the Safety Camera Partnership was established in 2003.

This route has now been extended and enforcement of the national speed limit will take place from Scone to Forfar.

The route will comprise of two sections, Scone to Coupar Angus and Coupar Angus to Forfar.

A new camera location is to be created by Perth and Kinross Council to the Scone side of Perth Aerodrome and eight new locations have been created on the Coupar Angus to Forfar section of the route.

Signage has been installed along the length of the A94 to support the deployment of safety cameras.

Traffic surveys and speed data have highlighted the road has a high proportion of regular users, with a high percentage of drivers recorded travelling over the national speed limit for their vehicle type.

Collision and casualty data shows there were 26 personal injury collisions (two fatal, 11 seriously injured and 13 slight injured) between 2009 – 2011.

Arron Duncan, partnership manager, said: “Enforcement has taken place on the A94 for the last nine years and recent speed and collision monitoring information has identified a need to extend mobile camera enforcement onto the stretch of the A94 that lies in Angus.”

He added: “The A94 is a rural single carriageway road and collisions often occur at bends, dips and junctions and travelling at speed provides drivers with less time to react and increases the severity of collisions and injuries when they occur.

We have established a route strategy to maintain regular attendance to address this.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We welcome any such moves which help to improve safety for those travelling on our roads.

“We will continue to support the initiative through our partnership working approach.”

As part of the route strategy, enforcement will take place at various times and at any of the camera locations along the A94. The deployment of the mobile speed camera is advertised weekly in the local press and can be found on the Partnership’s website.