BEAR Scotland well prepared for winter

With temperatures dropping and the weather turning increasingly wintry, BEAR Scotland’s winter maintenance services are fully underway.

BEAR Scotland are responsible for the maintenance of trunk roads in the North East of Scotland, including the A90. To help tackle the wintry weather, BEAR have 26,000 tonnes of salt in stock.

Their winter maintenance team is working around the clock as part of Transport Scotland’s ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign. Staff are checking weather forecast and information from 33 roadside stations to ensure treatments are carried out at the right time.

The agency is responsible for 957 kilometres of road, and have over 45 vehicles clearing snow, carrying out patrols and treatments.

As well as having 26,000 tonnes of salt in stock ready to cope with any demands that another severe winter might bring, BEAR has four snow blowers that are capable of moving up to 400 tonnes of snow per hour.

Andy Thompson, BEAR Scotland’s operating company representative for the north east, said: “We have over 100 dedicated operatives trained and ready to deal with winter across the trunk roads that we maintain in the North East of Scotland.

“Our winter control room monitors road conditions on a 24/7 basis meaning we can act quickly to changing winter weather conditions. Our top priority is to keep the roads safe for road users.

“We use pre-wetted salting, a more effective way of spreading salt because it helps the crystals stick to the road and starts the melting process much more quickly.

“Of course, we ask that motorists also play their part by being fully prepared for winter too. This includes ensuring their vehicle is well maintained, that they pay close attention to local and national media and information websites to help plan journeys during inclement weather and that they carry equipment to help themselves should conditions deteriorate.”