Brechiner’s bid for a crossing on Montrose Street

Kristine Dodd (60) from Brechin, is so furious with the lack of pedestrian crossings on Montrose Street that she has started a petition.

Kristine, who lives on Nursery Lane, has to cross the busy street in order to get to local shops.

On average she has to wait ten to 15 minutes to cross the road safely, and one day she had to wait 20 minutes for a break in traffic.

While there are crossing guards during school arrivals and departures, there are no other road safety measurements on the street at all.

The street, which is just under a mile in length, is a thoroughfare for traffic, including heavy goods vehicles, heading to and from Montrose.

Speaking about the issue, Kristine said: “There is no safety there whatsoever. The past and present council has sat on its hands about this.”

With the amount of housing along the street, and with so many children going to the shops, Kristine does ‘not see the sense” in not having safe measures to cross the street.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We are unaware of any recent requests for a pedestrian crossing in Montrose Street, Brechin.

“Any resident with concerns should contact Angus Council roads division by phoning ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 , emailing or visiting their local ACCESS office with details of the exact location where difficulties are experienced when crossing the road.

“This would then be investigated to assess whether the provision of a controlled pedestrian crossing can be justified in relation to traffic volumes and pedestrian demand, or whether other measures would be more appropriate for the site.”

Kristine, speaking on her decision to start a petition, said: “If there was an accident and I did nothing, I would never forgive myself.”

A copy of the petition is available to sign in the Brechin Advertiser office at 13 Swan Street. Other locations will be confirmed at a later date.