Calls to discuss junction changes

Angus North and Mearns MSP Nigel Don has called for Nestrans, Transport Scotland, Aberdeenshire and Angus councils to meet to consider how to provide a grade separated junction at Laurencekirk.

Submissions by Transport Scotland to planning applications have indicated they would insist on a condition which would prevent developments being occupied or used before an improvement to the road system is in place. It is not clear how wide an area is affected but it includes Montrose and Laurencekirk.

Mr Don said: “It is now clear that the argument has gone well beyond any discussion about safety at the Laurencekirk south junction. We are now in a position where Laurencekirk is in planning terms closed for business; and this restriction must cover a wider area as yet undefined. Nestrans have commissioned a report on the best way to provide a grade separated junction. We need to see the results of that quickly, and we then need a clear commitment by the relevant authorities to get it built as soon as practicably possible.”