City centre traffic management

A review of traffic management in Brechin city centre has been conducted by Angus Council.

The review examined traffic movement through the centre of Brechin, considered the parking requirements in the city centre and assessed the suitability of the existing pedestrian, cycle and public transport infrastructure in the centre. As a result of the review a number of proposals have been identified.

Due to the narrow foot ways and carriageways in St David Street and St Mary Street and the high number volume of pedestrian traffic on these streets and Swan Street, the study identified a need to reduce the volume of heavy goods vehicles passing through.

However, although various options to restrict traffic on this route were considered none were recommended as any restriction introduced would displace traffic on to less suitable routes.

It was also investigated as to whether an advisory sign on a the A90 and A935 at Southesk Street, directing HGV traffic to use the B966 Brechin to Edzell Road would be beneficial.

However, it was considered that due to the lengthy detour involved, such signage would be unlikely to have any significant effect on reducing HGV traffic in Swan Street, St David Street and St Mary Street. As a result no suitable measures to reduce traffic volumes on these streets were identified.

St David Street, St Mary Street, Church Street and High Street (south of Church Street) were identified as being of substandard width, however, due to limited road widths and building constraints, it is only practicable to widen part of St Mary Street as well as replacing the asphalt foot way surface with block/slab near the Mechanics’ Hall to an estimated cost of £18,000.

To improve the accessibility for wheel chair users five locations have been identified for the provision/improvement of dropped kerb provision to an estimated cost of £9,000.

Although long stay car parks were found to be operating at near full capacity whilst short stay car parks were found to have sufficient capacity, and the demand for on street parking in the vicinity of High Street and Swan Street high no suitable prospective car park sites were identified. However, should a suitable site become available in the future, further consideration should be given to this issue.

The disabled parking bay in Maisondieu Lane long stay car park is required to be relocated to better serve wheelchair users.

In addition, given the high demand for on-street parking there is a need for an additional on street disabled parking bay at Clerk Street. The estimated cost of these works is £600.

No further traffic issues within the city centre were highlighted as requiring attention.