Don makes video to highlight A90 danger

A NEW video report on Facebook and YouTube reveals the dangers faced by drivers crossing the A90 at the Laurencekirk south junction.

Made by local MSP Nigel Don, the three minute report features the views of a local haulage contractor, the Chief Executive of Montrose Port Authority, campaigner Jill Fotheringham and Nigel Don himself. The video shows clips of tractors with bogies, articulated lorries and other traffic edging across the busy A90/A937 junction.

Mr Don, who is the MSP for Angus North & Mearns, said: “I made the video because pictures tell the story better than all the dry statistical reports which are normally served up to Committees, Ministers, and organisations such as Transport Scotland.

“To me the case for a flyover at this junction is absolutely clear. For the 20 miles between Brechin and Stonehaven there are no flyovers or underpasses which allow vehicles to cross this busy road.”

On the video is Clive Mitchell, one of several local haulage contractors whose vehicles cross the A90 several times a day. He says that even with a fifty mile limit, car drivers fail to give heavily laden lorries time to pull out. Montrose Port Authority’s John Paterson points out the difficulties of getting loads such as wind turbines across this junction, the suggestion being that poor roads infrastructure puts a brake on the local economy. Jill Fotheringham, who has now submitted two petitions to Parliament and has been campaigning on this issue for nearly a decade, says that tractors and trailers can be longer than the space available in the central reservation, which means they protrude into the fast lane of the dual carriageway.

Transport Scotland’s current thinking is that housing developers will pay for a flyover. Mr Don ends the video by saying he has spoken to local planners and developers. “It is entirely clear that there will never be enough building close to the south junction to even scratch the surface of the costs involved. This is Transport Scotland’s problem, and they need to sort it before someone gets hurt or killed.”

The Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee meets on Wednesday, March 20 at 10 a.m.

Among those listed to give evidence to the Committee will be Jill Fotheringham, Petitioner; Michael Robson, Community Representative; Jeff Green, Head of Roads, George Chree, Head of Planning and Transport, Angus Council; Ewan Wallace, Head of Transportation, Aberdeenshire Council; Derick Murray, Director, NESTRANS; and David Anderson, Head of Planning and Design, Transport Scotland.

Mr Don will also be present, and has sent a link to his video around all members of the Committee. The video is at

Another video showing ten minutes of traffic travelling north at 07:15 on Monday 11th March is at