Inappropriate parking continues

Drivers outside Andover Priamry School are still parking on double yellow lines.

Drivers outside Andover Priamry School are still parking on double yellow lines.

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Drivers are still putting school children at risk by parking on double yellow lines or zig-zag markings outside schools despite last week’s article in the Brechin Advertiser that appealed for people to stop parking inappropriately.

Lynn Black commented on our Facebook page: “People are still parking outside the school gates even after the article in the Brechiner.

“Sure they [who park inappropriately] would have something to say if it was their kids that got hurt.”

When one of our reporters went down to Andover Primary School on Tuesday morning they found three cars to be parked on double yellow lines outside the school as well as one car parked in the bus stop bay.

Richard Keenan made a couple of suggestions to help reduce the problem of inappropriate parking via email. He said: “For a start get the council to repaint the school zig-zags – they are fading and broken.

“Put up signs at either end of the zone to highlight the zig-zag area.”

He also suggested that a full time traffic warden could be employed in Brechin as a deterrent, and to enforce with tickets.

A spokesperson from Angus Council has confirmed that they will check and re-mark the zig-zag lines outside the school as necessary.

However it is not just parking outside the school that is causing problems.

On our Facebook page readers of the paper highlighted a number of other areas around the town that are causing frustration including St David Street, Clerk Street, Swan Street, Montrose Street as well as Park Road during the times that the railway is open.