No decision for junction

Debate on the A90/A937 Laurencekirk junction continues after Transport Scotland answered a letter from Nigel Don, SNP MSP for Angus North and Mearns.

As reported last week, Mr Don had expressed concern that proposed new developments in Montrose would lead to increased pressure at the Laurencekirk crossing. SNP North East MSP, Mark McDonald, also wanted debate on the petition to be kept open.

The Committee also received a submission from Aberdeenshire Council, which said they were “working on a case to be put to Transport Scotland setting out the long term strategic benefits of putting in place a grade separated junction at Laurencekirk at the earliest opportunity.”

Commenting after the Public Petitions Committee, Mr Don said:

“As a local MSP I welcomed all of the developments mentioned in the Montrose South Draft Development Plan, but recognise that it inevitably means more road traffic, at least some of which will be heading north and will use the Laurencekirk south junction.

“ I noted that this is in the middle of a twenty mile section where there is no bridge or underpass and where heavy traffic has no alternative route.

“I emphasised that articulated lorries and those with trailers have no option but to leave their tails out over one carriage way whilst they wait on the central reservation to join the other carriageway.

“Whilst agreeing that the 50mph speed limit and other measures do seem to have reduced the number of accidents I suggested that there is a major accident simply waiting to happen, that the junction is obviously dangerous, and that it should require no more study to understand this.”