Parking illegally is a danger to children

Concerns over inappropriate parking have been raised, leaving one motorist concerned over the danger it poses to children.

Pamela Stevens explains how she had a solution to some of the problems about 15 years ago when she claims it was suggested the council could turn Stevens Scotland Ltd’s old premises into a car-park.

This proposal, which the council claim not to have details of, never came to fruition but Pamela thinks something still needs to be done – especially at the junction between St Mary Street, St David Street and Airlie Street.

“It is dangerous for children and motorists and I have complained several times about it,” explained Pamela.

“People are parking on the left hand side. There can be a line of cars all the way along. When I come from Forfar and turn in there, if there are people parked on the left and the school bus is coming down then I get stuck on the main road.

“What I am scared about is that someone rams me in the back and into children who are crossing.

“It has been ongoing since they put the yellow lines down. Nobody pays any attention to them.

“I think it is people parking there to nip back to the shops.

“It happens at all times of the day but the worst time is when you are trying to turn and there is a school bus coming towards you. You can’t see too far round if you are stuck on the road because of the parked cars.

“This could cause multiple crashes and it’s not just a danger for children.

“Of course the council are partially to blame for this because they have had multiple opportunities to buy properties which could have been demolished to make more parking space. For example I am a Stevens of Stevens (Scotland) Ltd.

“We used to have our old factory on Bank Street which was for sale for very, very little when we moved down to Commerce Street.

“We sold it for very little and they could have made a huge car parking area.

“There have been opportunities for the council to provide car parking at not a huge cost.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We do not have details of any proposals to purchase the premises at the time when Stevens (Scotland) Ltd moved from Bank Street.

“However, since Stevens left the building, change of use has been granted for businesses which required associated parking facilities.

“Change of use of the building was granted for a funeral directors, then a children’s nursery.

“A traffic management review of Brechin City Centre was carried out last year which included a review of car parking facilities. “Although it was considered desirable to increase the parking provision, especially in the High Street/Swan Street area of the city, no suitable new prospective car parking sites have as yet been identified.”

The problem with drivers parking on zig zag lines outside schools was brought up by Brechin Liaison Officer Billy Rattray at the City of Brechin Community Council on Tuesday, March 5, when he confirmed that anyone caught parking on these lines would be fined.

He explained: “Throughout the force’s area we get many, many complaints about poor parking outside schools during school hours.

“The yellow painted zig zag lines are there for a reason and that reason is to keep that area clear and sterile so schoolchildren can cross the road safely.

“I am well aware that in Brechin that is not the only parking issue but we are asking that you stay away from parking outside schools. If we find anyone parking there, or the traffic wardens, you will be issued with a £30 fixed penalty.”