Pothole misery on Brechin roads

Misery maker: Potholes like this in Brechin's Provost Millar Avenue are causing misery for motorists - and pedaestrians!
Misery maker: Potholes like this in Brechin's Provost Millar Avenue are causing misery for motorists - and pedaestrians!

POTHOLES are becoming an increasing concern amongst motorists in Brechin - with some even experiencing damage to their vehicles as a result.

The issue was first brought to light by John Thompson, who lives in the Ward Road area of the town. Mr Thompson has been left with a garage bill after his car sustained damage when he was driving home through the town last Wednesday night, describing the towns roads as “crumbling”.

Mr Thompson said: “I had to go over potholes in order to avoid traffic. As a result my exhaust broke in half.”

The Brechin Advertiser then took to Facebook to find out if other readers were experiencing issues with the road conditions and they were keen to share their stories - with more cases of damages to vehicles appearing.

Fiona Mowatt said that both she and her husband have sustained damage as a result of potholes. She commented: “My husband and I experienced the damage on the same night. I got a puncture and my husband got two blowouts, both where it was potholes which due to the rainfall were obscured by unavoidable puddles.”

Joanne Pittendreigh has also noticed the impact potholes have had on her car. She said: “The roads in Brechin are awful - the suspension on our car has taken a hammering! Shame we get punished for not paying tax but the council can leave these holes in the roads for months. The dual carriageway is awful as well.”

Readers were also keen to point out areas of the town were potholes are particularly rife. Nerys Greenhill said: “Provost Buchan Road, is full of them. It’s like playing dodgems trying to avoid them.”

Eddie Avenue, Barrorwell Road and Southesk Street were amongst the others highlighted as being in particularly poor condition.

It’s not just drivers that have experiences problems with potholes. Nikki Mathison has outlined the problems pedestrians face.

She commented: “I keep tripping when I’m walking, especially over the railway bridge.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We have a rolling maintenance programme for our roads and pavements as well as reacting to specific problems as they occur and as are noted by our roads inspectors. However, members of the public wishing to draw potholes or damage to their vehicles to our attention should report them via the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”