Safety concerns outside school

Drivers coming and going from Brechin High School’s entrance on Duke Street have been asked to have more consideration when entering or exiting the school (writes Shona Beaton).

A concerned resident, who did not wish to be named, contacted the Brechiner with worries about the safety of the junction, suggesting that give-way lines should be painted on the road.

“When you leave the High School you can go left to go down Duke Street or right to go round the turning circle but people do not bother looking, they just go,” explained the resident.

“When you come out of your drive, although you have to look anyway, sometimes vehicles just come out of nowhere and you have to slam your brakes on. The drivers do not look. They just drive out.”

The resident claims the problem does not just occur during school hours as the problem occurs when people attend the High School for school, clubs or even when drivers deliver supplies.

“It can be anybody who uses the High School for anything,” they continued.

“I know nothing much can be done about it but people should also have consideration for the people who live by the school.

“I have a neighbour who doesn’t have a driveway and she has to park up by the school grounds because she cannot get parked near her house.

“When there are classes on at the college there just isn’t enough space to park.

“People park on the grass up at the back beside the garages and also along the railings.

“Those college courses go on after the school closes meaning you have, at times, up to nine or ten buses coming past which have nowhere to go.

“When you come out of the house at 8.30 pm to 9 pm it is a complete nightmare.”

To help ease the problem the resident, who claims there have been a number of near misses in the past, has suggested that give way or warning signs should be introduced as well as lines painted on the road to warn drivers of the junction. What do you think? E-mail us at