Speed cushion plans for Duke Street

Duke Street, Brechin
Duke Street, Brechin

Angus Council’s communities committee is being asked to agree to plans to introduce speed cushions on Duke Street in Brechin.

The committee will meet tomorrow (Tuesday), with a report recommending that members:-

note the responses to the public consultation which has been received in regards to the proposed physical traffic calming measures in Duke Street, Brechin.

note the range of opinions expressed by those who have responded to the consultation.

instruct the Head of Technical and Property Services to proceed with the implementation of the works described for Duke Street, Brechin.

A speed survey of the street, which currently has an advisory 20mph limit in place, revealed an average speed of 28mph and an 85th percentile speed of 34mph.

The report, by Ian Cochrane, head of technical & property services, noted: “The Infrastructure Services Committee instructed the Head of Roads to investigate this area and consider the introduction of physical measures to reduce speeds to an appropriate level.

“Infrastructure Services Committee Report No. 43/12 set out recommendations for physical measures at eight Twenty’s Plenty areas previously identified where speeds were found to be above the desirable threshold. It was recommended to install road humps or speed cushions in these areas, subject to the outcome of consultation.”

A consultation was launched, with letters sent to residents, local members, the community council, the police and other emergency services, the head of schools and learning, the transport manager and service managers at planning and housing. The report continued: “In total 24 replies were received (38 percent response) with 15 in favour (63 percent) and nine against (38 percent).

“The support service manager for the school, the head teacher for the school and the manager of the Angus Alive facility have all intimated their support for the installation of the speed cushions on Duke Street.”

The proposed speed cushions would be laid at a height of 75mm, with installation estimated to cost approximately £21,000, which could be funded from the Road Safety/Traffic Calming provision within the 2017/18 Roads (Traffic) Capital Budget.