Stop putting our school kids at risk

Drivers parking on the zig zag lines during school drop offs are causing misery for other road users
Drivers parking on the zig zag lines during school drop offs are causing misery for other road users

Drivers parking inappropriately are causing misery for others, causing congestion and putting children’s safety at risk it is claimed.

Claire Scott has come across problems when driving her children to the High School every morning.

She explained: “When I do the school run at about 8.30 a.m., I have to sit at the junction from St David Street and Airlie Street and the traffic is jammed because there are cars parked on the double yellow lines at the junctions along there.

“If you have cars coming towards you then you can’t move.

“The cars are there every morning. I don’t know why no-one has done anything about this before now. I have had enough.”

Further misery can occur when inconsiderate drivers, who are not entitled to do so, park on double yellow lines on St David Street itself.

It only takes one vehicle to be parked on the yellow lines to cause traffic problems in either direction and, with several alternatives to parking on St David Street, including two car parks on Maisondieu Lane, one in Market Street and one in Church Street, all within a minute’s walk to St David Street, there is very little excuse to parking there.

It is not just at this area of town that people have had problems.

It has been hotly debated on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page that some drivers dropping their children off at both primary schools in Brechin are doing so by parking inappropriately on the zig-zag lines.

Wendy Stewart raised the problem outside Maisondieu School by saying: “Outside schools we have the yellow zigzags for a reason. Not to park there so that the children have plenty of room to see when crossing and it makes it safer for them.

“So why do parents (or others who drop them off) persist in stopping on them.”

Even when there are spaces to park near the school, Wendy claims that some drivers were still stopping at the gates of the school to drop their children off.

“Come on folks, the last thing we need is a child getting knocked down because someone was too lazy to park further down and walk up,” continued Wendy.

This comment sparked the interest of many other readers who also thought something needed to be done and soon.

Vicki Barclay said: “There [have been] numerous letters sent out from the school about this and occasionally the police come and stand there.

“It is always the same parents that persist in doing this.

“[It] would be a different story if it was their child that was hurt.

“On the spot fines would soon deter them.”

It was also suggested that Market Street was made one-way.

During the day drivers can often be seen parked on double yellow lines outside the shops on Market Street causing yet more problems for the area.

This issue does not just happen at Maisondieu School, as Estelle McKay explains: “Same problem down at Andover.

“I have seen people park right on the black and white crossing.

“Also people mounting the verge and parking on the grass.”

Indeed the problem is not just confined to Brechin.

“Just thought you’d like to know that its not just a problem in Brechin but Montrose too and I bet the rest of Angus wouldn’t bee any better,” explained Lilyann Leslie.

Where do you think the worst areas in Brechin are for inconsiderate road users and how would you go about tackling the problem?

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